Lady Ashka (mistressofsex) wrote,
Lady Ashka


More people on the Medivh Realm need to make Horde characters. Three-plus hours to PvP is insane. Alexeievna (my gnome mage) leveled up and I'm still in queue.

Bah, I guess I'll take a nap.
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Oh sure, take a nap as soon as I sign on AIM. T_T LOL
The Horde are whores...
=[ It sounds like a very hard and complicated game... I've often thought about getting it, but I would either suck and give up or spend the rest of my life being addicted.

P.S. This is Emmie (__eurydice), but I switched journals again. Could you please add me here when you get the chance?

I added you. =)

It's not too difficult. Once you get to know how everything works, it's easy. I have a mage, shadow priest, combat rogue and feral druid. It's fun. :-D Not complicated at all. Reading forum tips help, especially once you reach level 10 and you start putting points into different talent trees.

It's addicting, though! It might not be after a week or two playing, but if you play for a month, you'll neverrrr want to stop playing.